Paul – RaceMugen
Every engine Adam has done for us has been exemplary in performance. A+ work, and super cool to deal with.

We are happy to have AB Mods as our modding source!
Bob Friedel
A few months ago I bought your used Ninja JX. I couldn’t be more pleased !!!! I have since put about 4 more gallons on this motor. Since running this modded JX over my stock one, I have been TQ twice in our Colorado state nitro points series, I won the Colorado State open truggy Championship race, and this weekend, completed and Won the Colorado state nitro points series, as well as a Fusion Motorsports motor sponsorship. Looks like I will be soon retiring my ninjas and O.S. motors for Nova’s.

I do have to note, most people in Colorado run the V-spec or ninja, more ninjas as of right now. But many often comment on how powerful my AB modded JX motor is over theirs. Job well done!
Portyanksy – RC Tech
Adam, you are a freaking genius! I have had many, many, many Vspecs, but the one in my truggy that you modded, OMG!!!! Seriously, words can not express how impressed i was. Vspecs are already easy to tune, but this has to be, no, is the best running Vspec I have ever owned. Power when I wanted it, fuel economy, sits there purring like a kitten. I didn’t stall once all weekend. I didnt have to touch the needles all weekend after the first additional tune when I was as Motorama. I was blowing by people like they where running .15’s. Wish my driving was a little more dialed, but I did manage to bump from the d-main (Dont ask!) to the a-main and finish 6th in open truggy.

People kept asking me if that was an ordinary Vspec, or was it another engine with a Vspec head, all I did was point to your name inscribed on the block. Hopefully the 4 that said they will contact you, will get it done, b/c im sure they will wet their pants!

Dude, you work is awesome!

Gary O’Connor
Hi, Gary O here…I’m new to this board but not to rc (20+ years) About two years ago I got into speed running and I was instantly hooked. It’s like ‘salt fever’ without the salt. We work on our cars all year for those few runs down our Bonneville Salt Flats…this year, Fontana Dragway.

I had been running two cars, a four engine Open Class streamliner and a small block NTC3. The four engine car ran Picco P9r’s but my NTC3 was running an old Sirio .12. I knew I needed more power and AB Mods was recommended. I discussed my issues with Adam and he recommended that I change over to a JLR.12, modded by him. I put the engine in the car and the difference was noticeable. At the speed meet at Rockingham I was put in the same class as the Schumaker big block car(,28, more than double my displacement) At the end of the day I had won the class and established the record by .05mph!!!!! (78.69 vs. 78.65) I can’t post pics yet but will when I can.

This year we will be returning to the speed meet with new cars and engines. The small block car is now wrapped in a Corvette body and powered by an AB Modded OS 18, 50% more displacement and some gearing work to let it breathe….I’m thinking 90-ish. The open car is a twin engine (ABModded Picco P9R’s) streamliner which is geared for 125mph. After discussing a ‘wall’ the car couldn’t get through with Adam, I lengthened the pipes and it was a screamer! It was at about 90 on my test site and was really pulling hard. I’m optimistic that the current unofficial mark of 103 is toast.

I also ran a velodrome event posting a small block record of 56.76 mph…there’s more there with some chassis work but it’s still a record

I’ll keep y’all posted on the November meet!

I just wanted to thank you for the best engine I ever ran in my Revo! The TZ you worked over for me was incredible! I only had a few tanks of fuel through it plus your break in by the MT A Main and I never got passed on the front stretch at Motorama. I need to up my driving skills now to honor your work. That engine’s ridiculous fast and its only going to get better!
Steve D.
I received my new drag-modified LRP ZR.30X engine from AB MODS on Good Friday that I had ordered only 2 weeks earlier. I had Adam break it in for me on the bench because I didn’t want to have to wait a gallon before I could start to have fun with the weather getting nicer. Saturday I tore into the motor to admire his handiwork (wow!), then I sealed it all up airtight with Three Bond 1211 and installed it in my Losi XXL MT. I let it dry overnight, then took it out for a few hours of fun on Easter Sunday. I haven’t run a lot of big block nitro engines other than multiple Losi 454s (LRP .28 Spec 3), but all I can say that this engine leaves my precious 454s in the dust. Even running rich, the low end torque is just incredible, and yet it still screams on the top end; no doubt, I’m sure, due to the expert modifications Adam performed. I know some folks have complained that this motor runs out of poop at the higher rpms, but that is *definitely* not the case with his drag modified version. Even with a Dynamite 053 pipe (which I broke down and bought because everyone was raving about how well it works with this engine), the top end was way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced with my previous .28 motors. And I made no attempt to lean out the HSN at all (want to run some more fuel through it 1st). I’m going to leave the 053 on there for now, but I have a drawer full of other pipes (Buku, Tsais T32, CVEC, 086, Losi HT) that I want to play with once I get comfortable tuning it. Let me qualify my performance comments by stating that my XXL is really heavy with thick RC Raven skid plates front, rear, and center and the huge CEN Nemesis tires. The gearing is pirated off an original stock LST, except for the taller XXL gears in the tranny. I can’t imagine this engine in a lighter weight truck. Would probably be too explosive on the low end to say the least. Needless to say I am very impressed with both the engine and the excellent package price. I would highly recommend the engine break-in service to anyone, because, besides knowing it was done right, the price of nitro has risen so high it’s almost a wash dollar-wise. I’ll be looking to Adam again when I want to replace the Mach 26SS in my son’s LST. The bottom line here is, if you have an LRP30, or are contemplating purchasing one, talk to Adam. He really knows how to wake these engines up! And the bonus is, he does it for a reasonable price!! Kindest regards…

I love your modded mills more than all other!

For now I have a modded ninja JX21 B01A from you and I can say….that mill is a beast! Never had an engine with so much topend like this.

The JX .21 is my 3rd mill from AB Mods and I’m sure it isn’t the last one. Great job you are doing!

Regards from Germany
Just letting everybody know, I’ve gotten my Picco JL-R .12 Red Dot from AB, and this thing is the best engine I’ve ever had! It hammers from bottom to top, having a Race Mod in it, and even though Ive leaned it out to the max (within safe limits), the engine has only ever peaked at 90 degrees Celsius!! Talk about a cool engine! Running on 20% nitro, an O.S P5 plug and still blowing a fair amount of blue smoke, it’s hard to believe you could get leaning issues at the higher RPMs!! 25% is the next step after my 20% runs out, and when I get my Picco plugs sent in. Ill be running P6TCs in it running the 2 thickest shims (using these ATM) that came with it which I believe is somewhere around 40? not sure on the decimals. After I start running 25%, then Ill put in one thinner shim just to be safe. THIS ENGINE IS A MONSTER!!

Thanks heaps AB MODS!!! You’re a legend!
Sein – RCU
A+++++ Service!!!!

We all know Adam does great work from testimonials and also dynos. But, this time I want to talk about service, the after the sale experience. I have a revo with an os21tm mill. The engine is great but like most of us I WANTED MORE POWER. I thought about getting another motor but instead I sent it off to AB MODS.

After I got the mill back, installed it, and dialed in the tune I was super happy. Truck ran great. Pulled out the temp gun to see what she was running at and I saw 290 to 315°. Way too hot but the engine was running great I could not understand it. It was like it was suppose to run this hot. So, I e-mailed Adam to ask him what he thought about it and this brotha asked me about 100 questions about different details. I just thought it would be easier to send pics and so I did. As soon as he saw the pics, he saw the problem and let me know. I had a air leak on the exhaust port. I checked it and the rubber gasket was all ripped up and, of course, it was leaking. I replaced with a new one, never touch my HSN and fired the truck back up. I ended up having to go a little leaner and she was running perfect! Very happy with the race mod and this time after I tuned her and checked the temps to my surprise 205 to 210 degrees, wow. We all know I could go leaner but at this time I don’t need to. It has plenty of power with some still in the tank if I want it.

This is a summary of everything that happened and during this time Adam and I were going back and forth via e-mail. Never once did he get frustrated with me or with all my questions, and he always anwsered them promptly. Nowdays, it is hard to find businesses that provide his kind of service. Not only would I recommend Adam for his great work but his excellent customer service as well!!

Thanks again Adam!!! You will always get my business.
Paul – Lonestar

I bought that Toro Nero “R&D” engine from you last year. I only had a chance to run it once last year, but it was a short-lived attempt due to other reasons (a stupid pit guy, namely). What I saw was awesome.

I tried it again for my first outdoors outing yesterday. I binned the stock NR#6 plug that had sat in oil all winter, and put a new OD97T in there.

I won’t cut corners: the mill is simply outstanding, and for a modded one, it’s amazingly stable and forgiving.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks again!
llkoolskillet – RCU
WOW I got my Picco P3 28 two days ago after having some issues “those darn roto starts”. I kept stripping my owb and never got to break the engine in. Adam gladly took to motor back looked it over and broke it in for me. Now it starts with 1-2 pulls and i dont even have to try to pull it. Thats real customer service right there! I run 30% and the temps stay low. this engine seems to run its best around 210f. 2nd gear wheelies and crazy power! I wish i would have bought my motor sooner, actually wish all my motors were modded by adam. Just waiting to run against some other guys here in town so i can show off what an AB Mods motor is capable of. I’ll post the results later haha its not even going to be a race!
Bigjayjay1 – RC Tech
I’ve had a few engines from Adam the most recent was a Jx21 B01A still very fresh not even broken in totally this is the best engine Ive ever owned. Temps are low running still rich but the power is amazing with run times that are off the charts. Ran it once just at Club fun many guys couldn’t believe the amount run time Many people came over to check on the mill.
Rick M.
I would like to give a shout out to Adam at AB Mods,I ran an AB mods Ninja JX that I got from Bob (Unsober1) for the first time this weekend. Engine ran awesome, was way smoother, linear than my stock JX and also more power and endless top end. And on a conservative tune, I ran at my local track and turned some of the faster laps I have ever ran there.Wound up TQ won Pro Truggy main. Was very impressed! I will most likely be using your service in the future Adam.
Rageworks – RCU
Hey Adam, I got to run the race modded P9 Picco engine that I bought from you. This P9 is just what I have been looking for. The powerband is just what I needed to carry more speed in the turns and the top-end is ballistic, it never stopps pulling. Don’t take this info the wrong way guys. This engine can still smoke the tires off any time you want it to. As you can see from the dyno graph of this engine, it puts out some great torque and monster horsepower. It’s just so damn easy to control the power. I’m thinking about throwing a rubber sealed front bearing in this engine and running it on a monster sized dirt oval track.

Thanks for a great deal on a great engine Adam.
Joe G.
Adam, I can’t say enough about your stage 2 mod on my new LRP Spec 3. I’m on half a gallon of Byrons 30% broke-in @ 200 degrees and this engine rocks! Has a great idle, holds a tune & runs cool with massive power to spare! I know where all of my engines are going to. I appreciate your time, knowledge & answering all my questions.
Sammy Skinner
I have 3 motors modded by AB Mods. A OS TM, OS TZ, and a Traxxas 3.3. Everyone of them rips and runs better than stock. I get better fuel economy too. I’m actually sending him my 4th engine when it gets here (STS .21B). AB’s turnaround and customer service is THE BEST in the business. I’ve had engines done by all the top guys and AB’s modding and service is by far my favorite. His prices are right so you can’t go wrong. He has my modding business for life.
Jim Michiels
I have a Novarossi 528 XR modded by AB…I have to say this thing is a screamer. I am so pleased with AB’s work that I am sendind two more mills in to get stage 2 mods. The first thing I did was take it apart. The sleeve and crank looked like art to me, almost too pretty to put back togather…ALMOST…lol…I ran it the next day. It started almost instantly and never died. A week or so later I thought I was having problems with the Engine. I contacted AB. He stood by his work 100% and was ready to make it right if it was the mill..It was NOT the mill it was clutch issues. I am only putting that part in here to let it be known thatt he is a stand up guy that will back up his work. As soon as I break in the next two engines, they will be sent off for him to work his magic.
Ian Bowers
I have a AB Mods Stage 2 OS 18TZ in my Revo, I had tried all the engines for a revo to race, RB323, 18TM, 18TZ, I settled on the 18TZ for its smooth powerband and fuel economy, but it didnt make quite enough power, I sent it to AB Mods and it came back and blows everything at the track away and will not run over 250!
Kyle Vernau
AB Mods, I would have to say, is just about the best engine modding company you can send your engine to. I sent out my Picco .28 FT and they modded my engine and broke it in for me using a 10 tank heat cycle break in. The shipping and service is fantastic. I had my engine back to me within a week. The craftsmanship is the cleanest and most detailed work I have ever seen. Right when I got my engine I tore it apart and wow everything was perfect. Now the performance, only one word describes the performance boost you get from having them mod it, insane. In my situation, as well as other people I have talked to, the performance increase in your engine will be vast. Your run-times will also be longer because of the ramped induction and better fuel flow through the crank. So to sum it all up, if you want to get your engine modded by anyone choose AB Mods, you’ll be glad you did.
Doug English
I have a AB Mods Stage 2 Novarossi S821B and this thing rips, has a great power band, and awesome fuel milage while still having loads of power. All my other motors are gonna be AB Modified now!!!!!
Bobby Wouda
Just wanted to say that Adam at AB Mods is a heck of a guy. He modded my STS.30 for me and the mill is amazing! It has alot smoother power delivery and very nice fuel eeconomy for a .30 Big Block engine. I recomend his work to everyone! Quick turn around time and awesome support. This mill is an animal on the track and runs cool and steady! Thanks again AB for the awesome work! This mill screams!