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Professional and Experienced engine modification


AB Mods is where Customer Service and workmanship are nothing short of perfection.

I strive to treat every customer the way I want to be treated. I make sure this gets passed on to you...the customer.

Each engine is carefully inspected upon dis-assembly. The engine is thoroughly flushed, cleaned, measured,  then prepared for modification. Each engine is custom tailored to your needs and wants. Weather you're a basher and want to be the king of the hill or you are a serious racer and want smooth power with reliability and maximum fuel mileage AB Mods is able to exceed your expectations. Your engine is then re-measured, re-lubricated, re-assembled, and re-boxed. Your engine is then on its way back to you within 5-7 business days on average.

All engine modifications are done in house with many different precision tools. We are able to test material content as well as strength using a Rockwell Tester. Were able to machine to a manufacturer grade level using our 3 axis CNC Mill and lathe. All sleeve modifications are done by hand. For Research and Development I use none other than the Nitrodyne Systems X-Dyno. With this unique tool i am able to test many different things on site to ensure that the customer is getting the best in the industry. This tool is also used to ensure Quality and consistency.

With all of the guessing eliminated we are able to give you the best performing engine for you. There is no arguing with the factual information and the performance of an AB Mods engine.

Here at AB Mods i guarantee your the best customer service and performance in the business.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a proven AB Mods engine.